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“The Surrounding Game” is the first feature documentary to tell the incredible story of Go, from ancient China to 21st century America.
Born from the simplest rules, the ancient game of Go is the most complex and elegant game ever discovered. The rules are remarkably simple, yet even the best computer programs are easily crushed by professional players. This unique game has inspired centuries of tradition and millions of fans, but despite its depth, Go remains little-known outside East Asia – until now.
April 4, 2014
On Wednesday, March 26, the team traveled to Palm Springs, California, to compete in the American Documentary Film Festival’s ‘Film Fund Pitch’ contest. There were 6 other films in the competition, and each group showed a 5-minute reel and answered a few questions from the judges. After the pitch, Cole and Will hustled back to the East Coast to help host the ACGA Spring Go Expo, while Richard stayed at the festival to take in the sun and the myriad of great films, network with other filmmakers and producers, and await the...
January 9, 2014
Happy New Year from the Surrounding Game! We (Will, Richard, and Cole) are all here at our new office in New York and have been editing and assembling scenes for the past few weeks. Meanwhile, this week the AGA held its second ever Pro Certification Tournament in Los Angeles. Congrats to Calvin Sun, the newest AGA-certified professional! Will is in California today after visiting the tournament and the AGA archives, courtesy of AGA historian/archivist and project backer David Doshay. In other news, after a few days of...
January 9, 2014
An update from our office in New York, from our January mailing list newsletter.
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GoGameGuru Gu Li strikes back: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol jubango – Game 3 Gu Li 9p chalked up his first win in the MLily Gu vs Lee jubango, forcing Lee Sedol 9p to resign in game 3, on March 30, 2014. Lee and Gu faced one another in Chengdu - the capital city of Sichuan,... The 10th Chunlan Cup begins in China The 10th Chunlan Cup kicked off on March 26, 2014, in Taezhou, China. The Chunlan Cup is an invitational tournament for 24 top players from around the world. This year's North American and European...