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Worldwide Go community support has made this project possible. Your contribution goes directly towards professional editing, sound mastering, distribution, and everything else needed to make the film as compelling as Go itself!
Funding the Documentary
We believe that everyone should know about the magic of Go, and we need your help to make that goal a reality.

Thanks to tremendous support from backers like you, we’ve captured hundreds of hours of broadcast-quality video from around the world. The ambitious goal: to expose the beauty of the game and its rich history to a wider audience than ever before.

When we started the project, we never dreamed we could portray the entire world of Go on such a grand scale. After the success we’ve had so far, now we believe we have the footage, team, and vision needed to expand the scope of this project and bring the film to a new caliber.

Even without additional funding, the film will be finished and delivered with all donor and backer rewards. But we want to aim higher: with enhanced production value, and full-fledged international distribution, "The Surrounding Game" can be not simply "A documentary about Go", but "THE film about Go", capable of reaching a large audience. That means animation, mastering and mixing the film’s video and audio, recording original music for the score, and distribution around the world!

That's where you come in - by becoming a backer today, you can take part in the biggest international Go project ever launched.
Tax-deductible Contributions
The Surrounding Game enjoys fiscal agency through the American Go Foundation (AGF), making it possible for us to accept tax-deductible contributions. To make a tax-deductible contribution to the project or secure matching funds from your company, contact us and we'd be happy to help (the EIN of the AGF is 13-3621764). The AGF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a long history of charitable work promoting Go in the United States.
Our Contributors
Thanks to everyone who contributed! Without your help, none of this would have been possible. Our thanks go out to all of you.
Fabien Thomas
Barcelona, Spain
Shawn Ligocki
Somerville, MA
Tor Gausen
Grimstad, Norway
Jonas Danielsson
Malm, Sweden
Wolfgang Kamir
Wien, Austria
Manuel Schwartz
Rostock, Germany
Christoph Hartmann
Aachen, Germany
Philippe Carphin
Montreal, Canada
David Skala
Pardubice, Czech Republic
Markus Oenning
Schwieberdingen, Germany
Joseph Giossi
State College, PA
Pawel Podemski
Wroclaw, Poland
Thomas Holts
Peyton, CO
Vida Law
Columbus, OH
Carlos Zamora
Austin, TX
Jamarson Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Arthur Nascimento
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Scott Shy
Lemoore, CA
Aaron Fuselier
Houston, TX
Andrew Niess
Philadelphia, PA
Hellmuth Schomberg
Ennepetal, Germany
Joseph Bauser
Fairport, NY
Michael Williams
New York, NY
Mitchell Schooler
Minneapolis, MN
Marcus Round
London, United Kingdom
Jonathan Coffman
Anchorage, AK
Marjorie Hey
Ocean Park, ME
Tamas Szerb
Budapest, Hungary
David Halperin
Cambridge, MA
Justin Samsky
Madison, WI
Simo Levanto
Helsinki, Finland
Ville Palo
Tampere, Finland
David Ascherl
Auburn, WA
Maurizio De Leo
Milano, Italy
Sathya Singh
Kirksville, MO
Allen Kim
Bronx, NY
Harpreet Dhaliwal
Redmond, WA
Inseong Hwang
Crolles, France
Fran Garcia
Dublin, Ireland
For us, the film is reward enough. But for YOU, our backers, we're ready to dole out some incredible stuff! Besides our everlasting gratitude and a chance to make a meaningful contribution to the spread of Go, backers can choose from a selection of unique rewards, some of which you won't be able to find anywhere else.
(Note: Please add $15 for international shipping.)
Donate $10 or more
12 Donors
A huge, international THANK YOU from the Surrounding Game team! We'll cherish your help by adding your name to this site and giving you regular updates about the film.
Donate $20 or more
58 Donors
A digital download of the film BEFORE public release. Plus, get access to special Surrounding Game updates, sneak peek videos, and other exclusive content!
Donate $30 or more
94 Donors
Get a DVD of the film from the first production run and a digital download before public release. Expect extended extras, bonus interviews, and multiple languages on the DVD. Plus, you’ll get a Go stone played in the first American Professional system qualifying tournament, with the game record it belongs to. And finally, we'll pick a few supporters at this level to call directly for their input on the entire film project!
Donate $50 or more
40 Donors
Everything from above, plus one of the first Surrounding Game movie posters, and have your DVD signed by the directors. We'll also tweet and facebook a personalized message designed to glorify you by name, so everyone can appreciate your generosity and support for the project!
Donate $100 or more
53 Donors
Everything from above (signed DVD, download, poster, stone), plus a Surrounding Game T-shirt (in velvety black or brilliant white). And - EXCLUSIVELY at the $100 level - you’ll get access to our first completed scene.
Donate $200 or more
11 Donors
Everything from above (signed DVD, download, poster, stone, shirt, and credit) plus a 2nd shirt signed by the crew, access to our New York City-based editing studio (or we'll Skype you and give you a virtual tour), and your choice of either: a teaching game of Go from one of the directors or Surrounding Game crew, or: a singular, for-your-eyes-only clip of one of our favorite scenes being worked on in the editing room, plus a phone call with us to talk about it!
Donate $500 or more*
3 Donors
Everything from above (signed DVD, download, poster, stone, shirts, and credit), plus two tickets to the film's release party (travel not included), a teaching game of Go from a professional player, a unique piece of equipment we used during filming or post-production, and a fan signed by the legendary Chang Hao 9p, former Ing Cup champion!
Donate $1000 or more*
2 Donors
Whoah. You're a Surrounding Game demigod - contact us and we'll put together a unique reward package for you! Possibilities include: a handmade Go board from the directors, an interview for the film, dinner with the film crew and world-class professional Go players, crew-level access to footage and the project... let us know and we'll make it happen!
* Large donations are tax-deductible through the American Go Foundation. Contact us for more information.
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