The Surrounding Game

Behind each move lies a world unknown

Host a screening

THE SURROUNDING GAME is available for event screenings and can be programmed in theaters, community centers, coffee shops, schools… any space where people can gather together in a darkened room. Below you’ll find details on how to bring this remarkable film to your city. 


OPTION #1: Purchase a Screening Kit 


Community screening kits are available for the film and are priced according to your organization type (individual, non-profit, library, etc). You provide the venue, projector, and audience, and THE SURROUNDING GAME provides you with the film, a commemorative 9x9 Go teaching set, plus posters and digital marketing tools to make the screening a success.  The screening kit comes with a multi-screening license of the film, which means you can keep the DVD or Blu-ray and screen it for audiences as many times as you like! 


OPTION #2: Host a Tugg Screening at Your Local Theater

berlin venue.jpg

Our partners at Tugg give you the power to bring THE SURROUNDING GAME to your favorite movie theater! The process is simple: pick a date, pick a theater, and enlist your audience to meet the RSVP threshold online before the deadline. If enough people pre-buy tickets to the screening, the screening happens. This option requires some hustle, but the only cost is the individual price of each ticket.  Learn more about the process here.   


Not sure which option is for you?

Drop us a line, and we'd be happy to help. 

Hosting a screening?

Don’t forget to download the host packet, which includes promotional images, language and press materials to help make your event a success!